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1. How much does it cost to join?

Becoming a member is absolutely free. All you have to do is complete the painless registration process. It's completely free to join but you will either need to work for your money or upgrade your account with profit modules if you plan on earning anything. There are also quite a few extra bonuses you can get just for signing up! .

To participate in the passive income plan, you'll need a minimum of 1 profit module which costs $33 each. Of course, for more profit it's recommended that you purchase a few more than one. .

If you do not wish to purchase profit modules, you can always earn money with our affiliate program which pays 10% of all your referrals purchases on the first level and 5% on their referrals purchase level as well as an additional 5% on their referrals referrals! .

As you can see, this quickly adds up and you'll have more than enough commissions to either purchase your own profit modules or withdraw..

2. How do I earn referral commissions and how are they calculated?

Referral Commissions are paid on down 3 levels for all profit module purchases....

1st level: 10%
2nd Level: 5%
3rd Level: 5%

3. Can I purchase Multiple Profit Modules and is there a limit to how many I can hold?

Yes, it's highly recommended that you purchase more than a couple of profit modules so that your passive income is steady and you earn a LOT faster with multiple profit modules!.

It's incredibly important that you reserve as many as possible because there is a limit to how many shares will be available initially. Only 5000 modules will be available for the first round of jobs and work that we have. Once 5000 modules have been sold, we will close down until we've finished all pending work and all of our partners are receiving steady income..

4. I purchased a profit module entry, but it does not show up in my members area, why?

Due to an increase in fraudulent payment attempts, our financial team has to verify that funds were actually received from your payment processor and also that they were not fraudulently obtained.

All profit modules are activated and earning inside of the system the instant you return from the payment processor that you used. They are not visible inside of your Member's area until our financial team has reviewed your payment.

Even if it takes a a few hours to a day to show up, you don't have to worry about someone getting ahead of you, because all modules are processed in the order that they come in.

All profit modules are usually approved and visible in your Member's Area within 24 hours of us receiving your purchase..

If it's been at least 24 hours since you made your module purchase and you still do not see them in your partners account. Please read on....

The first thing that we need you to do is to login to your partners account and double check that your modules aren't already approved. Sometimes they are approved when you are sleeping or away from your account.

Login to your account by clicking HERE

If you STILL do not see your profit module purchase, please send an email to our payment review team with the following information...

- Your OYI Username
- Date Of Purchase
- Your Payment Processor ID that you used to make the purchase.
- Amount Of Modules Purchased

Here's the contact emails for our payment review team...please use the right email for the payment processor that you purchased with!

If you paid with Egopay or Payza, send your information to: egopay@outsourceyourincome.com

If you paid with SolidTrustPay, send your information to: stp@outsourceyourincome.com

If you paid with Paypal or Credit Card, send your information to paypal@outsourceyourincome.com

If you paid with Liberty Reserve, send your information to libertyreserve@outsourceyourincome.com

5. How do I re-invest my profit module earnings back into the system?

Simple! If you want to re-invest your earnings, you need to first log into your account and then click the "Buy Profit Modules " link. If you have the minimum amount of account balance then a button will show up on that page that will allow you to re-invest the amount you want to. Scroll down the purchase page until you see it at the bottom..

6. How do I withdrawal or take money out of the system?

Easy! If you have the minimum amount of withdrawal required($10) then you may login to your members area and click the Withdrawal link which will redirect you to a page you'll need to fill out..

Withdrawal requests are paid exclusively with Solid Trust Pay! Please make sure you have an account on file.

*NOTE* Please make sure that you have a Solid Trust Pay account to receive your Withdrawal Request as soon as possible.

If you do not have one, please click the banner below to get one! They are completely free to setup and you can access your money easily this way!

Please allow upto 36 hours for withdrawals to be completed.

7. I haven't made any money today. Why is that? Is there something wrong?

Your earnings at Outsource Your Income are NOT guaranteed, this means that we do NOT guarantee a certain percentage of earnings per hour or profit per day etc. We do however guarantee that you will be in profit at some point :)

If you've been checking your account all day and have not seen any movement or earnings, do not worry, nothing is wrong with your modules or account. Normally, we like to wait till closer to the end of the night to pay out profits from all the pending jobs of the day. Check your account the next day to see how much you've made :)

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